November 26, 2022

Automatic washers have become a part of our everyday lives. Gone are the days when people queue at the laundrette or public washing rooms waiting for their turn to do their every week washing. You are never sure of when you will finish as the person before you might have a month’s washing to go through.

Automatic washers are continually been developed haier tv 43 to provide cleaner washes in the smallest possible time. With various wash series such as full wash, quick wash, half load etc to suit individual needs, a appliance has become a necessity of life.

The Haier Appliance Journey

Haier, a company with its headquarters in China has been manufacturing washing appliances since 1995. Their machines are recognized for their highly effective performance and advanced technology. With assembly plants over 5 continents, Haier appliances are used all over the world.

Haier has various appliance models including the Top Loaders, Front Loaders, Combination Machine Dryers, Portable and Compact Washing machine’s. Each appliance is built to fit the varying needs of any household.

Features of the Haier Washing machine’s.

(a) One of Haier’s most important features is the dual drive technology which has been incorporated into their top loader automatic washers. This new feature prevents complex clothes by moving them around quicker. This prevents the clothes from extending unnecessarily and produces cleaner clothes with longer life covers.

(b) Haier automatic washers come with a steel drum, developed to last longer avoiding all of those other faults associated with corrosive drums.

(c) Their latest addition to the market is the “Encore” series, which are Eco-friendly automatic washers. They use half the electricity and water than the usual regular machine. They are cost effective and still produce cleaner and lighter washes.

(d) Their portable washing machine’s are compact and the ideal “plug and go” for those who cannot afford to keep a regular appliance in their home. Simply plug into a regular electric outlet and a regular tap then you are ready to wash.

(e) Some Haier washing machine’s boast all the way to ten water levels. This means you can select the amount of water required for a specific load, very useful for smaller loads and quick washes, cost effective too.

(f) There are 4 soil levels which allow you to pick the appropriate wash depending on how dirty the clothes are. An ideal choice when washing school or sports clothes, this ensures you get clean and fresh clothes irrespective of how dirty these were.

(g) The delay start is an ideal option if you want the appliance to start washing when you are on trips. There is nothing like meeting your clothes cleansed and ready for the next stage on your return.

(h) Some brands of the Haier automatic washers are stackable, a great option for those who want separate full size appliance and hair dryer and have minimal space. When stacked then can fit nicely into a closet or small washing room.

Haier has proven that they are market leaders with their innovation automatic washers, no wonder they are found in some many homes around the world.

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