November 28, 2022

Guess what these products are: Earthborn Holistic, Avoderm Natural and Nulo. Here’s a hint Nulo’s tagline is Nutrition Meets Love. The first guess you make is incorrect It’s not fat-free yogurt. Nope it’s not high end skin cream. So what’s the product? The names all refer to pet food products. These products are an idea that’s likely to become a major hit as pet owners shift from traditional dog food to these new , branded food items.

The need for high-nutrient canine food is being spurred by the same fuel that fuels the human supplement industry. People are seeing positive  immune support for dogsand real results. To borrow a line from VitaHound’s website “Nature designed our dogs to be strong and ENERGETIC animals, biologically designed to be robust carnivores”. These new dog foods are created to restore nutrients lost when the canine diet changed from all meat to commercial food for dogs. The essential nutrient taurine found in unprocessed and uncooked meat is being added to several new dog food products. Taurine is the key ingredient in the proper functioning of each cell in the body of dogs Research suggests that it is essential to the health of the heart.

This latest revolution in nutritious pet food will in particular enhance the sources that are used by producers to make their products. Despite commercial dog food’s upgraded nutritional value, owners still must feed their dogs the best quality supplements for their daily diet. The nutrient concentrations that are imperative and the combinations required to maintain an ideal digestive system for dogs are not available in any of the commercial dog food. For this reason owners need to add a variety of nutrients to their dog’s food intake on a regular basis. The health of dogs is result of the nutrients that they absorb from their food. The prevention of many canine chronic diseases is the effect of an efficient digestive system.

A plan of action could be to search for 3 or 4 websites specializing in the field of dog health. In keeping your dog’s well-being in mind, make an inventory of the nutrients that can benefit general health and well-being. Before adding products to your pet’s diet decide on the outcomes you’d like to achieve from the use of it. It takes 3 months for any improvements to manifest If there is no visible effects, you can move on to another product. I will borrow another specialist from VitaHound’s website who best explains the logic behind this decision. “Biochemistry molecular biology, cellular biology, and physiology are the exact sciences of animal structure, function and development. The amount of information required to study food and nutrition at these levels is way to complicated to be used by a person in the creation of a nutritious diet for their dog. The information derived from the diverse sciences is best applied by understanding the curative and preventative outcomes and then implementing the use of the appropriate nutrients. A lack of improvement in your dog’s well-being can be effectively addressed through the substitution of substances that are not effective with other nutrients that are relevant”. This means that testing and errors is the most effective method to discover supplements that improve your dog’s health and well-being.

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